Skunked at The Pinnacles

(Location: Nambung National Park, Western Australia)

No, we weren’t sprayed by a skunk. There are no skunks in Australia. I was in Perth for work, coincidentally on the weekend of a new moon, so we decided to stay the weekend and head two hours north for some star trail pics. We had all our gear, and diagrams for each shot, which I’d meticulously researched via Google Earth and the PhotoPills app. The one thing not in my control was weather. And it clouded up both nights. Skunked.

We stayed at the Pinnacles Edge Resort in the nearby town of Cervantes. It had an unusually good restaurant for being a motel in a town not big enough to support an IGA. On our second night, a Chinese family arrived and insisted that we were in their room… and then seemed to think that we were all going to share the room. A little weird, but the lobster dinner made up for this.

The Pinnacles are part of Numbing National Park. Much like the Bungle Bungle, the Pinnacles were pretty much off everyone’s radar until recently. Though we didn’t get the night sky photos that we’d came for, we did get a few interesting shots of the limestone formations.

The PInnacles The PInnacles The PInnacles
The PInnacles The PInnacles The PInnacles

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