The Great Ocean Road – this time with an ND filter

(Location: Victoria, Australia)

I’d visited last year when my mom came to visit, but Andy was overseas at the time so he missed it. Since then, we’d been waiting for a nice and sunny Saturday, and it finally happened in November.

Viewpoint - Great Ocean Road

Our plan was to take the Great Ocean Road out to The Apostles, stay overnight, and then drive back via the highway the next day. We stopped at a few viewpoints along the way, and wound up at The Apostles around 2pm, basically the same time as the rest of Australia. We decided to go to the B&B for a bit and come back around sunset (as it turns out, only half of Australia sticks around for sunset). Andy experimented with the eMotimo (trying for a daylight to sunset to darkness time-lapse), and I experimented with ND filters (trying to get that smooth water effect).

12 Apostles Apostle Apostle
12 Apostles 12 Apostles 12 Apostles

After that, we waited for darkness and set up for some night sky time lapses back at the B&B. There is little light pollution out here, and the B&B faced south, so we were pretty excited for some great trails. Unfortunately we were foiled by the coastal moisture, which deposited condensation on our lenses after a few minutes. Our dew warmers would have resolved this, only they were in a cabinet at home 🙁 We got a few milky way stills and then called it a night.

Night Sky near Princetown Night Sky near Princetown

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