Birthday Weekend in Uluru

(Location: Uluru, Australia)

We packed a hell of a lot into a weekend.

  • We stayed at Sails in the Desert, which is part of Ayer’s Rock Resort, which is basically the entire town of Yulara. With the exception of the totally out of the question Longitude 131, this seemed like the nicest place to stay.
  • We splurged and did the dinner at Tali Wiru. This was an outstanding experience – top notch in every way.
  • We did a sunrise camel tour. The camels were very clean and seemed well cared for. This was a much better way to see Uluru at sunrise than fighting with the crowds at the official viewing deck. We also did a sunset helicopter tour – another outstanding experience and much different perspective.
  • We did some of the Uluru base walk and part of the Valley of the Winds hike. The Valley of the Winds takes about 4 hours, and we were there kind of late in the day so we only made it to the 2nd viewpoint (which was amazing).
  • We did a dot painting workshop, and learned that we should probably leave this art to the Aboriginal people 🙂

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