Maned Wolves, Macaws, and Monkeys

When we booked the trip to the Pantanal, we were “upsold” to spend a few days at another one of the owner’s properties. He promised maned wolves, a macaw hide, and nut-cracking capuchin monkeys, so we decided to give it a go.

From the Pantanal (Cuiaba airport), we flew to Brasisila, and then drove four hours north to Parnaiba National Park. This is WAY off the tourist track – so much so that people kept asking our guide why we were there.

So why were we there? Aside from the maned wolves, this area is home to flocks of macaws, and bearded capuchin monkeys who use rocks to crack open coconuts.

  • We arrived at Wolf Camp late in the afternoon and headed straight to Wolf Cliffs Camp (another hour inside the park). Sure enough, just as the sun set, the maned wolf arrived. Maned wolf – check
  • The next morning we went on a bit of a game drive before heading back to Wolf Camp. We spent the afternoon photographing the resident birds and marmosets, and went to the photo blind near the flock of Hyacinth Macaws in the afternoon. Marmosets and macaws – check.
  • Our last morning, we departed early to visit the Nutcracker monkeys. After a quick brekkie with the land owner, we walked about 15 minutes into the forest to see these tool using simians. Nut cracking Capuchins – check.

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