We Forgot How to Ski !

(Location: Interlaken, Switzerland)

(In 2000, I was commuting from Raleigh to Austin for work most weeks. Due to corporate policies, this meant flying via Dallas or Chicago, and usually home on Thursday nights. Most weeks, flights were overbooked and the airline would ask for volunteers to take another flight in exchange for a voucher. After a few weeks of playing this game, I had accumulated enough for two round trip tickets to Italy.)

We were in Italy. Switzerland is right there. We have a rail pass. We’ve skied before. Why not?

With three days in Switzerland, we based ourselves in Interlaken and day-tripped to towns in the Jungfrau region.

  • Wengen – Where we learned that we forgot how to ski. I grew up skiing in power on the West coast of the United States. I think we were in Switzerland too early in the season though because it was pure ice that barely covered the ground below. Oh, and instead of a ski lift, it’s a train, and there was no signage and we were being passed by kids on wooden sleds.
  • Grindlewalk – We skipped the skiing and enjoyed the scenery and fondue.
  • Murren – Our favourite part of the region, especially the funicular you take to reach this mountaintop village.

Next stop: Milan

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