Scuba Diving in Rye

All of our vacations used to revolve around diving. Then we fell in love with Africa. Now that we live in Australia, it kind of made sense to pick up diving again. Oh yeah, we also bought some fancy new camera housings.

Given we hadn’t been underwater since the Galapagos, we decided to do a one-day combo scuba refresher/underwater photography course. The scuba part came back quickly, although it is different in a 7mm wetsuit, with kilos instead of pounds, and with meters instead of feet. We are also used to “resort” diving (also known as “someone else does all the work”). The Rye Pier is a shore dive, which means you suit up at the shop, and then cross the street and walk down the pier. I was wiped out by the time I jumped into the water! Time to add more squats and chest presses to the workout.

Rye Pier Bull Ray under Rye Pier
Andy making it look easy Jennifer with a dome port as big as her head

We stayed overnight in Blairgowrie and then decided to take the long way home. We took the hour-long ferry from from Sorrento to Queenscliffe, and then explored Point Lonsdale before the hour and a half drive home.

Sorrento pano

On the ferry Point Lonsdale

There is something super cool about being able to dive in the city where you live. I learned to dive in Raleigh (where diving was done in a quarry), then we moved to Chicago (Lake Michigan, no thanks), and then we moved to Houston (never considered it, but apparently there are oil rigs/platforms). The weather is also PERFECT this time of year, so we went back the next weekend.

Under the Rye Pier

HATE the 7mm wetsuit Leatherjacket? This is why our 2nd housing is on order
Pufferfish Rye Pier Way out

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