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Hanoi, Vietnam
December 132015

This was my first time in Vietnam, and I was determined to see more than the consultant trifecta: the airport, the office, and some Western chain hotel. I didn’t get that much sleep, but I saw a lot in three days. Read more…

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Ubud, Bali
June 302015

I’ve always been intrigued by Bali, though I’m not sure why. It’s fairly easy to get to from Australia – a five hour flight, and only a two hour time difference. Rather than try to rush around and see the whole island, we spent all four nights in Ubud. Read more…

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Siem Reap, Cambodia
December 302014

Angkor Wat has been on our list for a while. We’d planned it a few times when we lived in the US. Even bought a guidebook at one point. We sold the guidebook as part of the purge before moving to Australia, so of course we finally went there a year later. Read more…

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Bagan, Myanmar
December 282014

When we told people that we were going to Myanmar, the reactions were pretty classic. Most people didn’t know where it was and then said, “Oh, you mean Burma.” Most people asked “Why??” BAY-gan. BUH-gone. Burma. Whatever you call it, we loved it. Read more…

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Bangkok, Thailand
December 252014

The first stop on our Christmas break tour of southeast Asia was Bangkok. We hadn’t been there before, it was a direct flight from Melbourne, and it was a good jumping off point for the rest of our travels. Read more…

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Chiang Mai
June 102014

In June of 2014, I taught a class in Shanghai, so we decided to tack on a long weekend and visit Chiang Mai, Thailand. We spent the day as an elephant mahout, saw some temples, snuggled some tigers, and ate a heck of a lot of pad thai. Read More…

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Hong Kong
October 222013

On the way back from my work trip to Beijing, we arranged for a long layover in Hong Kong. We fit a lot of sightseeing into a day and a half, but the best part was the fabulous Conrad hotel. Read more…

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October 202013

In October of 2013, I spoke at a conference in Beijing. We squeezed in a little bit of sightseeing and ate an unusual amount of duck. Read more…

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October 152012

Andy had a work trip to Munich, which happened to coincide with Oktoberfest, so I tagged along for a long weekend. Oktoberfest is something you have to do once. It’s kind of like the Houston Rodeo, but stickier, and with more singing (slurring) and dancing (swaying). Read more…

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Antelope Canyon
July 42012

We’d visited Antelope Canyon a few years back, and decided that a return visit was in order with our newer cameras. If you’ve never heard of Antelope Canyon, you’ve likely seen photos of it. Read more…

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Monument Valley
July 32012

Monument Valley is the quintessential image of “the west” – flat plains punctuated by towering buttes (nicknamed “mittens”). Read more…

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St. Petersburg
September 152011

Over about 10 years, I worked on various projects for the Hermitage Museum. In 2011, I finally got to visit. (Photos coming soon).

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Colonia del Sacramento
October 222008

We took the ferry from Buenos Aires over to Uruguay. Given this was a completely unplanned trip, we had no idea what to expect and were pleasantly surprised with gorgeous beach and oodles of vintage cars. (photos coming soon)

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Buenos Aires
October 202008

In 2008, I won an award at work. The “reward” was a long weekend away, and I got to choose from New York City, San Francisco, or Buenos Aires. Um… duh ?!? (Photos coming soon)

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January 22008

Zanzibar wound up on our itinerary because we had 3 nights to fill at the end of our trip due to frequent flyer mile flight scheduling. With such a short amount of time, we opted to stay in Stonetown. (photos coming soon)

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Cinque Terre
May 302007

In May 2007 we visited the Cinque Terre region of Italy. We stayed in Manarola, one of the more remote villages ( I say this because it was pretty deserted at night, and when I asked about internet access we were directed to the next town which was a 20 minute walk). (photos coming soon)

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June 262003

We were on frequent flyer tickets, so we wound up with two days in Athens on our flight back. (photos coming soon)

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March 252002

After a few days in Cairo, we headed south to Luxor. It was a whirlwind of tombs and temples, followed by a very relaxing felucca cruise on the Nile.

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March 202002

I had a work trip to Egypt, so Andy joined me at the end for a few days in Cairo and then Luxor. (Photos coming soon).

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August 122001

In 2001, we spent a very hot weekend in Charleston to celebrate Andy’s birthday. Read more…

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December 312000

Our return flight departed from Milan, which as it turns out, is quite photo-worthy. Read more…

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December 282000

Venice: where we got over our fear of getting lost. Read more…

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December 262000

Christmas in Florence is one of our fondest travel memories. Art, culture, and lots of veal. Read more…

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December 232000

Yeah – cause if you have 36 hours in Rome, you may as well spent 8 of them venturing South to visit Pompeii. Read more…

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December 222000

Our first trip with a digital camera and we committed the cardinal sin: bringing a brand new camera on vacation without learning how to use it first. Read more…

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May 151997

We were in London for the weekend, and Paris was right there, so we took the Chunnel train and packed a lot of sightseeing into 15 hours. Read more…

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