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Hanoi, Vietnam
December 132015

This was my first time in Vietnam, and I was determined to see more than the consultant trifecta: the airport, the office, and some Western chain hotel. I didn’t get that much sleep, but I saw a lot in three days. Read more…

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December 62015

I’d been to Singapore once before, but didn’t make it out of the airport in three days. This time I was determined to see more (even if just a little). Read more..

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Sydney, Australia
May 302015

I had a work gig in Sydney, so I was up there almost every week for a month. This synchronised nicely with Vivid, the annual light/music/etc. festival. Read more…

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Bangkok, Thailand
December 252014

The first stop on our Christmas break tour of southeast Asia was Bangkok. We hadn’t been there before, it was a direct flight from Melbourne, and it was a good jumping off point for the rest of our travels. Read more…

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June 82014

In June of 2014, I taught a course in Shanghai, China. Having not been to Shanghai before, Andy came along and we were able to do a wee bit of sightseeing. Read More…

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Waitomo & Rotorua
April 222014

The beginning of our campervan holiday… saw some glow worms, got stung by a bee, and wound up with nowhere to stay the night. Read More…

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April 202014

I lasted three nights in the campervan. Read more…

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April 22014

In March of 2014, I taught a class in Bangalore. Unfortunately I spent the majority of the time at the hotel, office, and in traffic in between those two places. Read more…

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February 132014

“Can you be in Perth on Monday morning?” Um, err, it’s Friday at 5pm… OK, what the heck. Read more…

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Sydney with Mom
January 262014

“You can’t come all the way to Australia and NOT see Sydney.” Read more…

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December 112013

In December of 2013, I had a work trip to Sydney. It was conveniently scheduled for a Monday so we went on Friday and made a weekend out of it. Yes, we did the bridge climb. Read more…

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Hong Kong
October 222013

On the way back from my work trip to Beijing, we arranged for a long layover in Hong Kong. We fit a lot of sightseeing into a day and a half, but the best part was the fabulous Conrad hotel. Read more…

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October 202013

In October of 2013, I spoke at a conference in Beijing. We squeezed in a little bit of sightseeing and ate an unusual amount of duck. Read more…

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“You probably want to go away for a few days.” That is what our realtor recommended. We were selling our house, and the market was hot, so she expected back to back showings for a few days straight. Logical people would go to Galveston. We decided to go to Brazil. Read more…

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October 152012

Andy had a work trip to Munich, which happened to coincide with Oktoberfest, so I tagged along for a long weekend. Oktoberfest is something you have to do once. It’s kind of like the Houston Rodeo, but stickier, and with more singing (slurring) and dancing (swaying). Read more…

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San Jose
December 232011

The last time we traveled to Costa Rica, our flight was canceled making for a day of stress and difficult connections to our remote lodge. This time we would do it differently. We planned a “layover day” in San Jose. Read more…

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St. Petersburg
September 152011

Over about 10 years, I worked on various projects for the Hermitage Museum. In 2011, I finally got to visit. (Photos coming soon).

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December 252009

On our way to see the snow monkeys, we had a short, very confusing, layover in Tokyo. (Photos coming soon)

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Colonia del Sacramento
October 222008

We took the ferry from Buenos Aires over to Uruguay. Given this was a completely unplanned trip, we had no idea what to expect and were pleasantly surprised with gorgeous beach and oodles of vintage cars. (photos coming soon)

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Buenos Aires
October 202008

In 2008, I won an award at work. The “reward” was a long weekend away, and I got to choose from New York City, San Francisco, or Buenos Aires. Um… duh ?!? (Photos coming soon)

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May 302006

In May 2006 we spent a long weekend in Amsterdam. We’d been to Amsterdam before, but Andy had a work trip to Germany that happened to coincide with the end of the annual blooming of the tulips (something that’s been on our list). (photos coming soon)

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December 232004

We had a few days in Quito on either side of our Galapagos trip. (photos coming soon).

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June 282003

Our frequent flyer tickets forced a day layover in Barcelona. With less than 24 hours, we power touristed and saw quite a bit (photos coming soon).

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June 262003

We were on frequent flyer tickets, so we wound up with two days in Athens on our flight back. (photos coming soon)

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March 202002

I had a work trip to Egypt, so Andy joined me at the end for a few days in Cairo and then Luxor. (Photos coming soon).

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August 122001

In 2001, we spent a very hot weekend in Charleston to celebrate Andy’s birthday. Read more…

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December 312000

Our return flight departed from Milan, which as it turns out, is quite photo-worthy. Read more…

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December 222000

Our first trip with a digital camera and we committed the cardinal sin: bringing a brand new camera on vacation without learning how to use it first. Read more…

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May 151997

“Do you want to go to London for the weekend?” Why the hell not ?!? Read more…

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May 151997

We were in London for the weekend, and Paris was right there, so we took the Chunnel train and packed a lot of sightseeing into 15 hours. Read more…

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