Magnificent Mala Mala

There are few places in the world that we return to again and again. Mala Mala is one of them, and it just gets better and better.

After a few days in Soussvlei , and another night at the JNB airport Intercon, we flew to Skukuza and were collected for the road transfer to the lodge. We were hoping for the same room we’d had in 2017, but they couldn’t guarantee it because the lodge was being refurbished. When we pulled through the main gate, the driver turned right. We were totally confused as the arrival area has always been to the left. Had they changed it since last year?

Then we pulled in to Sable Camp. We’d been upgraded ! We’d never understood what the difference was between Main Camp, and Sable Camp (which is literally at the other end of Main Camp). We get it now.

The rooms at Sable Camp are, in a word, spectacular. We didn’t take any photos, but if you are interested check out their website.

We weren’t able to get the photo vehicle this time, but we were able to arrange a private vehicle. We were usually the first vehicle to leave in the morning, and took breakfast with us so we had the freedom to stay out longer (usually until just before lunch).

We come to Mala Mala for the game, and it’s gotten BETTER (didn’t think that was possible).

First, the lions. Highlight was definitely the Styx pride at the Gowrie Dam and sunset.

Next, the leopards. Highlight was the Piccadilly female with her very playful cub.

And wild dogs and cheetah !

And some amazing encounters with buffalo and elephants.

Yes, we will be back.

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