(Location: Kangaroo Island, Australia)

For Thanksgiving weekend in 2014, we spent a long weekend in Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island.

We took the ferry when we visited in 2013, so this time we flew from Adelaide on Rex Air. The cost is about the same, but the flight is much quicker.

There is so much wildlife on Kangaroo Island that it isn’t really advisable to drive from dusk to dawn. We stayed in one of the lighthouse keepers cottages, which meant we had the park pretty much to ourselves after about 5pm. The cottage had a full kitchen, so we made a stop at the grocery store in Kingscote on the way from the airport. Coincidentally, they had a stuffed turkey breast, which seemed appropriate given it was Thanksgiving.

Our daily schedule was basically:

  • Explore the west and south sides of the island for a bit
  • Nap
  • Go out to the Remarkables for sunset
  • Nap until the sky is black
  • Set up a night sky timelapse
  • Nap for a few hours while it runs
  • Wake up and retrieve the cameras before daylight

And of course we had to visit a wildlife place to feed some roos and other native cuties.