Mittens and Fry Bread

After being foiled by forest fires in Bryce Canyon, we decided to end our stay early and head over to Monument Valley. The drive took a little under five hours, and passed quickly. Monument Valley is the quintessential image of “the west” – flat plains punctuated by towering buttes (nicknamed “mittens”).

We stayed at Gouldings, which is where we stayed a few years back. The last time we visited the area, this was really the only option. Now, there is a hotel RIGHT at Monument Valley, which would be super convenient for sunrise photo opps. Gouldings does make a mean fry bread though, so being a short drive to the mittens was worth it. If you aren’t familiar with fry bread, it is like a flat Native American doughnut, with toppings that range from tacos to desserts. In a word, yum.



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