San Jose Layover

(Location: San Jose, Costa Rica)

The last time we were in Costa Rica was in 2004. On that trip, our flight was canceled making for a day of stress and difficult connections to our remote lodge. This time we would do it differently. We planned a “safety day” at the beginning of the trip. No flight cancelation this time, but we were delayed two hours so we missed our connection in Miami. Luckily it wasn’t the last flight of the day and we eventually made it to San Jose.

We stayed at Xandari Resort, which is a 20 minute drive from the airport. The resort is located WAY up a hill in Alajuela, so it has great views of the central valley. Our bungalow was very large, and had a cool indoor/outdoor shower. We spent the afternoon lounging by the pool and taking photos of flowers.

Orchid at Xandari Orchid at Xandari Orchid at Xandari

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